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Dr. Vishakha’s

Multispeciality Homoeopathic Clinic

Dr. Vishakha’s

Multispeciality Homoeopathic Clinic

Dr. Vishakha's Multispeciality homoeopathic clinic

BHMS,DHM,DHBTC, Accupressure therapist
One stop to move from disease to ease

29 years of experience in the field of homoeopathy.

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skin care product

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Welcome To VISHAKHA’S Multispeciality Homoeopathy Clinic

Best Homoeopathy Clinic In Pune

Dr Vishakha’s unwavering dedication and expertise makes her the ultimate choice for world class homoeopathic care.

Experience the pinnacle of homoeopathy and embark on a transformative journey to move from disease to ease with

Dr Vishakha Belvalkar.

Why Dr. Vishakha Belvalkar

  • Comprehensive homoeopathic care with a patient centric approach.

  • Experts care for all your problems from head to toe.

  • Employing evidence based treatments for all your health issues.

  • An extraordinary homoeopath with over 3 decades of experience in homoeopathy.

  • Her strong passion for transforming lives has established her as an expert in her field.

Discover exceptional homoeopathic care tailored to your needs. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vishakha today for personalized treatment plans and expert guidance. Take the first step to move FROM DISEASE TO EASE.


Antiseptic cream

 MRP 200 Rs.

Multipurpose Face Cream

MRP-600 Rs.

Piles and Fissure cream

MRP-400 Rs.

Hair Cream

MRP-600 Rs.

Psoriasis & Eczema cream

MRP-400 Rs.

Pain Relief Cream

MRP-400 Rs.

Varicose Veins Cream

MRP-400 Rs.

Anti-Dandruff cream

MRP-400 Rs.


Mr Kawal saigal

It’s been about a year and a half since I am under the care of Dr Vishakha and can confirm that she has the knowledge, patience, experience, maturity, and skills to assess the issue and suggest appropriate solutions. Irrespective of whether it is a short-term need or a long-term correction. She has as quick if not quicker solutions as compared to Allopathy too. Since I began, also introduced her to other near families member including short-term guests. All confirm having benefited tremendously.

My initial major hurdle was to cross over the Allopathy barrier to Homeo. Which I did successfully. Keep an open mind on this aspect, have trust, and meet her. Rest will proceed smoothly Happy living.

Mr Sachin jadhav

I had 7 to 8 corns on my both feet because of which it was difficult to walk and stand.Iwas also

suffering from uricaria all over body.lwas not able to gain weight All the three problems were solved by this dr. Seeing the result i got my mother who was suffering from back pain.giddiness and cracks on her feet from which blood use to come.Her problems were also cured.Thanks to dr vishakha.

Mr Rudra Dutta

I was suffering from elergies and diabetes but after taking homeopathy medicine from Dr. Vishakha, I am feeling well and my diabetes is also under control..Thank you Dr.Ji

Miss nandini bhosale

I was suffering from many ailments. I came to know of madam, and took her online treatment for last 6 months, my problem of cold, ringing in ears, constant gas in stomach, phlegm has reduced, my face has become bright. Thank you very much madam.

Miss Pooja Kumari

I was suffering from multiple problems like diabetes, high BP, thyroid, hormonal imbalance and abesity. One of my neighbour, recommended to contact Dr Vishakha. After treatment of only 1 month, my thyroid, high BP and diabetes is normal and I started loosing weight also. I will continue treatment so I can loose more weight. Thank you so much Dr. Vishakha

Mrs. Vijaya Jagdale

My son was suffering from pilonidal sinus for more than 2 years. We consulted Dr. Vishakha Belva and because of the homeopathic medicine she gave, my son has completely recovered. I would recommend her to anybody for all kinds of ailments. Thank you Doctor.

Miss Meera Saigal

I visited Dr. Vishakha Belvalkar about six months ago, due to excessive pain in the knees, a result of osteoarthritis. Added to this was the sciatica pain. Dr. gave a patient hearing and spent a lot of time asking relevant questions, and was able to arrive at the crux of the problem. Six months later, I feel much much better. The stiffness in the knee joints has reduced considerably. I am able to stand for a longer time and carry out household activities without any trouble. I am able to go for morning walks again and feel much relieved. A big thanks to Dr. Vishakha, for making me understand the “Dos” and “don’ts”, and also how to intake vitamins and proteins naturally without too many supplements.

Mrs Tanvi Gurnani

My daughter reet was suffering from cold and cough and was unable to put on weight. Her tonsils were also swollen. someone suggested homoeopathy can solve this problem.I went to dr vishakha and all my daughter’s problem were solved by her.i didn’t have to go to different doctors for all her problems. That is what i liked the most.

Mrs Shilpa Niraj Diwan

My son’s sleep improved. His weight started gaining.his immunity power is also increasing my motion sickness problem is also recovered.

Miss Reema Puthran

I met doctor 3yrs back with thyroid,varicose veins& eczyma problems. My thyroid got cured now I don’t take any allopathy medicines in the morning. I feel so free.My thyroid results are normal as I do regular checkups every 6mts. I would practically limp after walking for 10 minutes due to varicose veins.Now with doctors medicine it is also curing .now I go to the gym I have no problems jogging or walking doctor given diet & medicine has proved

Miss Neha Chinchwad

Extremely professional doctor. Took down my detailed clinical history and then treated me accurately. I being a patient of ‘multiple sclerosis’ a nuero muscular problem was treated as per my complaints. Feeling a lot better in a month’s time.

Miss Alana Savant

A good doctor who listens to her patients very attentively. The only thing is that she is a little expensive, but then if she can help with the ailment n remove it..I think it would be fine.

Mrs Sanjyot Sakpal


In 2018 my knee joints started paining. My knee was swollen and i was not able to walk at all. But with doctor’s treatment i can walk like before. in nov 2018 my heel started paining that also got better in 4 months with doctor’s medicine. My uric acid was also raised which also came to normal. I like the way dr explains and is very friendly. She also tells about the dietary changes to be done. I want everyone to try this doctor at least once.

Jaspreet Sehgal

My experience with Dr. Vishakha is great till date. Whatever problems I bring in to her she has a solution for all. I am taking her medicines since last 2 years and the results are positive. Her medicines cures problems/disease very faster and have a positive impact. Even she can treat and give medications for female problems like low fertility rate. Her products like hair cream, pain relief cream, face cream are best. I would recommend the doctor as one solution for all problems.

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