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Dr. Vishakha’s

Multispeciality Homoeopathic Clinic

What is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a 200 yrs old holistic science which was developed by an German allopath Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 18 century. Today it is the second most widely practiced system of medicine in the world according to WHO. It is based on the principle of ” like cures like” which means a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can be used in highly diluted and potentized form to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. In marathi we say { kataayani kata kadaaycha} As per homoeopathic philosophy each person has innate healing power within. which is stimulated by homoeopathic remedies to make person healthy when given during his sickness. The remedies are selected on the principle of individualisation which means each person is treated as unique individual with their set of symptoms. Homoeopathy treats the person in the disease rather than disease in the person. There are no specifics but it is the symptoms of the patients that decides the remedy. It believes in holistic approach to treat any disease whereby the disease is treated considering mind and body, by addressing the causative factors such as emotional,environmental, hormonal, metabolic etc. At the end of the treatment not only do the symptoms disappear but the mind also becomes calm and peaceful. Modern medicine has recently started accepting the fact that many diseases are psychosomatic whereas homoeopathy has deemed this to be true over the last 2 centuries.

Why people should choose homoeopathy?

  1. Remedies are natural and made with minute quantities of plants, minerals and animal sources.
  2. No bad effects.
  3. Provings done on human beings.
  4. Mind body taken into consideration.
  5. Improves the immunity of person while addressing the symptoms
  6. Treats and cures acute,subacute and chronic diseases.
  7. Homoeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical —–MAHATMA GANDHI.

Myths surrounding Homoeopathy

Misconceptions have surrounded homoeopathy ever since its inception. Even after 200 yrs it has still remained the most misunderstood science. Some of the most common myths are —

Its slow & don’t give fast results.

The time required to cure any disease depends on the chronicity of the problem and when the patient is approaching to homoeopath. Usually most of the time a patient comes to homoeopathy when he doesn’t find a solution in modern medicine and other  Pathies . So most of the valuable time gets wasted and disease by then has already progressed. When such patients reach to homoeopath, they expect miracles that too in a short period. These patients are already on heavy doses of modern medicines and suffering from their side effects. In such patients, it will take some time to cure their diseases.

Please watch this video of Mr Rajiv Bajaj (MD of Bajaj Auto)what he has to say about homoeopathy

Medicines are mixed with steroids to give fast results. I am attaching an article published in the Times of India in 1995 written by an MBBS doctor regarding the same which will clarify your doubt .

January 8, 1995 The sunday Review Times of INDIA

  • It is superficial and good for skin conditions & few others. The fact is that there is no disease which can’t be addressed by homoeopath.
  • Homoeopathy can’t give results in diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer etc. All these diseases can only be treated by homoeopathy.
  • You can’t take coffee, garlic, onion during homoeopathic treatment. Its absolutely baseless that one should not take tea, coffee or garlic while taking homoeopathic medicines.As I have seen in my practice that patients get better wonderfully inspite of taking all above food items.
  • Homoeopathy is non scientific. Homoeopathy cant be proved by modern scientific standards which doesnt mean that it is not scientific.

  • Homoeopathy is placebo and medicines doesn’t have medicinal substance in it. If homoeopathy was placebo all the people above would not have taken homoeopathic treatment. Medicines used are potentized (highly diluted) dose of the substance which cannot be measured with the current scientific methods so many skeptics have criticised it as a placebo.But case studies and in my practice have seen that it acts wonderfully on animals,plants infants and even comatose patients which strongly rejects the idea that it is a placebo effect.
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